Roots Run Deep- Suzanne Malloy

May 7, 2024

Growing up making memories on her grandparent’s farm in Robeson County, upon going to college in Raleigh, Suzanne believed that the farm and rural life were in the rearview mirror. Although, little did she know, a bit of Robeson County was waiting for her.

“When I ventured to NC State University, I had little intention of returning to my agricultural roots in Robeson County. I majored in Biological Sciences with the dream of being a physical therapist or something in healthcare,” Suzanne revealed. While she was convinced she wasn’t returning to Robeson County after graduation, the Lord had different plans for her.

“At that time, Biological Sciences was within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Before I knew it, I had met a farm boy named Mac in Chemistry class and he was from none other than Robeson County” chuckled Suzanne. “It had to be a God thing to go all the way to Raleigh to meet a boy that grew up 35 minutes from me.”

Fast forward, Suzanne married into a farming family that has a custom hire farming operation growing soybeans and corn. Their farm was a land grant from the King of England and has been in the family since that time. In addition to the row crops, her husband, Mac, and his dad began growing nursery stock on the farm, mainly crepe myrtles and hollies.  

“When it came time to put down our own family roots, it only made sense to be close to the farm. So, I left my job in Raleigh and found myself back in Robeson County” said Suzanne. “After working at a local bank for a few years as a lender and branch manager, I was eager to combine my agricultural background with my lending experience. Working at Farm Credit was a full circle experience” included Suzanne.

“My roots run deep in agriculture in a non-traditional way, cultivated by my grandparents & parents farming heritage, my husband, Mac’s, family farm, and now my ability to loan money to farmers at AgCarolina Farm Credit.”

Today, Suzanne serves as the branch manager of the Raeford branch. This year will make 10 years she has worked at AgCarolina Farm Credit.


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