Patronage Refunds—The Cooperative Difference

January 25, 2022

Being able to share profits with our customers through patronage is something we get excited about. Most businesses don’t do this, but when you borrow from Farm Credit, you become a customer-owner, and therefore, are entitled to profits of the Association as declared by fellow farmers that are elected to our Board of Directors. It’s just one example of the cooperative model.

Because those who borrow from us are also our owners, service to our rural communities is ensured. We are better able to make a difference in agriculture and our communities.

“Having a lending provider that follows the cooperative model gives me a peace of mind that, as an agricultural community, our interests and needs are not just understood but a priority. Farm Credit ensures my voice is heard. It goes beyond a simple loan,” said Morris Murphy, local farmer and elected board member.

Patronage refunds reduce the borrowers’ cost of borrowing. This is not just money back in your pockets, but it makes a difference in agricultural operations, rural communities, and lives of families across the region. At AgCarolina Farm Credit, we love to see our farmers and communities thrive because we have a passion for agriculture and rural areas and because we live and work in these same communities. So, when we say we get excited about patronage, we mean it.

And, this year, we are especially excited to announce that we are expecting another record-breaking patronage refund! Your lucky day of March 17th, 2022 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to share this year’s profits of $31 Million with all of our customer-owners!

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