Now Accepting Applications for Ag Biz Planner and Ag Biz Basics

July 15, 2022

AgCarolina Farm Credit is now accepting applications for Ag Biz Planner and Ag Biz Basics. These e-learning courses teach financial and business planning, budgeting and other farm financial management topics that are essential to a farm’s success. AgCarolina Farm Credit will accept up to seven participants for each program. All applications are due by Friday, August 5. Applications, course outlines, and program information are available here.

AgCarolina Farm Credit’s Ag Biz Planner Course is designed to help participants develop a successful farm business plan, strengthen communication, and increase knowledge of the marketplace. Participants will be assigned an AgCarolina Farm Credit loan officer to serve as their mentor throughout the course. By the end of this 6 month course, each Ag Biz Planner participant will also have a complete farm business plan for their farming operation.

AgCarolina Farm Credit’s Ag Biz Basics Course is a 3 month long, fast-paced online program designed to help participants develop an understanding of basic financial statements, credit scores, cash flow sheets, and their impact on a farm.

“I would suggest the Ag Biz Courses to any and everybody who has an interest in agriculture. A lot of the information I learned, I feel like you really have to know what you’re looking for in order to get that same material that is provided through the modules and Ag Biz Courses,” said Niccoya Dobson, Ag Biz Participant.

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