It’s Your Lucky Day! Another Record-Breaking Patronage Refund

January 25, 2022

Get excited! Patronage distribution day is right around the corner, it’s almost your lucky day as we distribute a record-breaking patronage! This year we are handing out $31 Million of our profits to you, our customer-owners.

“For the second year in a row, we are able to deliver a record patronage refund. This is so exciting for our organization. It is a testament to the loyalty of our customers and the passion of our Board of Directors to deliver strong patronage refunds,” said Evan Kleinhans, CEO.

There are several factors that come into play on why we can pay such a strong patronage but one of our favorite reasons is because of customers’ loyalty and their encouragement to others to make AgCarolina Farm Credit their lender. Our customers recognize the benefits that borrowing from us provides and share their stories with others.

Patronage refunds are paid according to the accrued interest earned by our customers’ loans. It’s a way to refund a portion of the interest paid on the loan. The more business you do with Farm Credit, the larger your potential refund. So, you can see how the loyalty and encouragement from our customers continues to pay off.

"Our customers always look forward to this day. It truly helps them with their operations and this is just one of the many reasons they choose to borrow with Farm Credit. Farm Credit is a different type of lender that truly cares about our customers, their family and operation,” includes Brook Gillis, Chief Sales Officer. 

We are proud to be chosen as your lender, and even more proud to be able to give back to our farmers and rural residents through patronage. Patronage refunds are a direct result of our cooperative model. We think it makes a difference in the lives of our customers and communities and sets us apart as a lender. We are so happy to say that March 17th is your lucky day! It’s patronage refund distribution day!” Here’s to a record-breaking refund of $31 million and making a difference one patronage distribution at a time.

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